Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Punisher #5 Review

I've been such a huge fan of this year's Punisher series. The writing, art and action has been superb throughout. Hence, why I was a little disappointed with #5.
Don't get me wrong - it isn't a bad book. But it seems to be lacking something that the previous issues had. Something important.

#5 picks up 100 days after the events of #4. The Punisher's fight with The Vulture left him badly wounded and so here we see him living in an abandoned building as he starts to make a recovery. He gets his food and other living essentials from a small boy who thinks he's a soldier on a top secret mission.

So, why wasn't this issue as good as the previous ones. I think it was due to the lack of any actual events. The previous issues had all been so action-packed, that this one ends up being a little boring in comparison. Although, at the same time I think an issue like this was necessary to keep The Punisher's current story believable - it's just a shame that this brought the excitement all the way down.

The story moved a lot slower in #5 than it had done previously. All the character's seem to take a month off as none of them really seem to do anything too interesting here - perhaps with the exception of surviving bride Rachel Alves, who starts a recovery which could make her a key player in later issues.

On the other hand, the art remains absolutely outstanding - meaning The Punisher #5 is at least something to look at.

Basically, The Punisher #5 I think is just the calm before the storm. It's nowhere near as exciting as previous issues, and the story moves a lot slower. But I believe that the series will be back to it's action-packed ways next month after The Punisher's battle scars have gone away. #5 is worth a look if only for the great art and the story that's bound to pick up again next month.


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