Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Punisher #6 Review

Last month's issue of Punisher left me disappointed. It was lacking in everything! It just didn't feel like The Punisher. And while this issue does a little better, it's still not up to scratch.

This issue sees Marine Sergeant Rachel Cole-Alves start her war against the Exchange. The people responsible for killing her husband, friends and family on her wedding day. I was looking forward to seeing this happen, but left a little disappointed. Maybe this was because the story seems to be losing its way a bit. Maybe its because the art has changed for the worse. I don't know, but it's something.

Speaking of the art, I have to say that there's a new artist working on Punisher and I am not impressed. Matthew Southworth and Matthew Clark just cannot match the beautiful work of Marco Checchetto - and to be honest my enjoyment of the issue was effected by this.
I just hope Checchetto returns for #7.

Thankfully though, the writing remains strong - but it is weakening due to the misdirection of the story. I don't know where Greg Rucka is taking this book and I'm not sure if he knows either.

But, the increased amount of action does make The Punisher #6 exciting to read - even if the story feels as if it's deteriorating a little. The art is okay, but just isn't as good as previous artist, Marco Checchetto, but the script manages to stay strong in the middle of all of this. I really hope Greg Rucka can put this series back on track as its gone from my favourite book, to a bit of a chore.
What won't help is that next month looks to be a month off from of this annoying.


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