Saturday, 28 January 2012

Aquaman #3 Review

I was a little disappointed with last month's issue of Aquaman. Luckily, #3 has restored my faith.

In #3 we see Aquaman and Mera fight against the creatures from the trench, and try to unravel the mystery of what they actually are.

After last month's issue I was bored of the trench monsters already, but this month my interest was renewed. This was due to all the fresh information given out. Unfortunately, we still don't really know why they're coming up to the surface, but we get our first hint's and it looks as if next month's issue is going to tell us a lot more.

What helps this story is the excellent script - some of the Aquaman jokes are getting a little bit old now, but there's not too many so its okay. More importantly, it never feels like the story is being pushed along too quickly. It takes its time, but doesn't get boring.
This is also thanks to the introduction of new character, Stephen Shin, who I think could become a key player in later issues.
Plus, the art here is also great (as usual). It's detailed, colourful and has some beautiful water effects.

I still think that writer, Geoff Johns, could have chosen a slightly more interesting villain than these fish - but after this issue I can live with the decision.

Aquaman #3 has paved the way for an issue that could be absolutely outstanding next month. While at the same time remains an entertaining read with an ever-improving story, some great art, and good writing. If you haven't already, you really need to give Aquaman a go.


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