Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Avenging Spider-Man #1 Review

The Avenging Spider-Man is a new ongoing series from Marvel. It will see Spidey fighting bad guys with help from various different faces from the Marvel U - It's been described as a modern-day Marvel Team-Up series.

The story of #1 goes a little like this. Spider-Man's fighting an A.I.M-Bot with the other Avengers. When that's all over he needs a ride back to NYC so he takes one on the Red Hulk's back. When they get there the New York Marathon has just begun, and quickly been interrupted by an army of Moloids hitting the surface.

This is a story that has great potential to turn into something great, but right now seems a little weak. Especially when compared to the great stories going on in other Marvel comics right now (e.g. Punisher, Daredevil etc.).
The writing is a bit better though, capturing Spider-Man's witty remarks quite well with some comments that made me smile throughout.

The real highlight of this book is the art which is absolutely fantastic! I can't tell you how much I love the art here. It's detailed, stylish and makes the book a complete joy to look at. Hats off to Joe Madureira who single-handedly saves this book from mediocrity.

Basically, Avenging Spider-Man is a little disappointing. It's got a very bare-bones story, that could develop into a better one, but right now fails to get me excited. Thankfully, it's saved by a great script, and some truly beautiful art that should be framed and applauded.


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