Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Avengers #19 Review

The Avengers #19 is another great jumping on point for those trying to get into the Marvel Universe. It's fair to say that Fear Itself was a massive pain in the ass for a lot of people in the Marvel U, but The Avengers have suffered a lot. Two members died and now the public is full of both lovers of the super-team and haters.

Steve Rogers (also known as Captain America) is re-assembling them with a (partly) new line-up! But who made the cut? That's the question answered in this issue. But that's really only half of what #19 is about. Much like the New Avengers, this super-team is about to go up against Norman Osborn and his new Dark Avengers and the beginning of that story is also present here.

And both of these events happening side-by-side probably make the story #19's strongest point. It's well paced, although written a bit heavy-handedly at points. On the plus side, although it was practically action-less, it didn't get boring.
Additionally, although you don't have to read both this title and The New Avengers book to enjoy this Norman Osborn story, the way the two books deal with the event is nicely done, and I'm eager to see how it continues.

Unfortunately, I felt a little let down by the art in this book. In the New Avengers the art is probably one of the best things about it, whereas here it lacks detail and just doesn't look very good. Also, at certain points it kind of made the character's all look like children.
This added with the silly writing, made some points in this book immune of the awesomeness they should have had.

But generally, The Avengers #19 is a book with a good story, but also one that suffers from underwhelming art and occasionally poor writing. Thus, making it inferior to the New Avengers' take on this story.


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