Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bridesmaids Review

A few weeks ago I reviewed The Hangover: Part II and gave it a 4.5/10 - it just wasn't funny. Bridesmaids has been considered the female equivalent of The Hangover since it came out back in May, but they're actually quite different. First of all, Bridesmaids is funny.

To start, I feel I should say that the cast of Bridesmaids really is brilliant. Kristen Wiig is fantastic as Annie Walker - the best friend that feels replaced when wedding preparations begin - but she wouldn't have been anywhere near as good if she didn't have Rose Byrne acting beside her.
Rose plays the Bride's new best friend, Helen, and the rivalry between the two is portrayed brilliantly. The humour never gets boring, or repetitive - instead it really is just a barrel of laughs watching these two try to outdo each other. The two just have such great chemistry together.

Finally, I've got to mention Melissa McCarthy - in many ways the Alan equivalent of Bridesmaids. She is just brilliant throughout, and delivers some truly hilarious lines. And the rest of the cast also shines throughout.

But it's not all laughs - that's one other thing Bridesmaids has over The Hangover. There's actually emotion in Bridesmaids. You actually feel like the character's are going through some form of emotional distress - that's something you didn't get in The Hangover. But it really does make Bridesmaids a much stronger movie.

The plot of Bridesmaids is also refreshing as it takes the usual true-love wedding story you expect from a chick-flick, and turns it on its head! There's something for both genders here! It centres around the Bridesmaids of Annie's best friend, Lilian's (Maya Rudolph) wedding, and the events leading up to it. But mainly, it focuses on the deteriorating life of Annie. Losing her job, lacking a meaningful relationship - and how the whole thing just gets worse when this wedding gets announced.

Believe me, this isn't the usual film you've seen a thousand times before - this is something new,
something refreshing and it's a must see whether your a man or a woman.

What I'm trying to say is that Bridesmaids has a truly great cast, some hilarious writing and a story that actually has some substance. If you haven't seen it yet, you better - one of the best comedies of 2011.


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