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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Star Wars: Episode 7 Announced for 2015 Release

HUGE news today as Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion, and announces the long awaited Star Wars: Episode 7! No Roman Numerals, but I'll go with it for now. The move will see Lucasfilm's current co-chair, Kathleen Kennedy, become Lucasfilm's president.

George Lucas himself released a comment following the news saying:

"For the past 35 years, one of my greatest pleasures has been to see Star Wars passed from one generation to the next. It's now time for me to pass Star Wars on to a new generation of filmmakers. I've always believed that Star Wars could live beyond me, and I thought it was important to set up the transition during my lifetime. I'm confident that with Lucasfilm under the leadership of Kathleen Kennedy, and having a new home within the Disney organization, Star Wars will certainly live on and flourish for many generations to come. Disney's reach and experience give Lucasfilm the opportunity to blaze new trails in film, television, interactive media, theme parks, live entertainment, and consumer products."

Arguably the biggest news was that the aforementioned "Star Wars: Episode 7" was announced, and targeted for a 2015 release. A move that will most likely split Star Wars fans down the middle, with some having been looking forward to this moment for some time, and some still having bad memories of The Phantom Menace. No details were given on whether the movie will be a continuation of Luke, Han and Leia's story or feature a whole new line-up of characters.
But that wasn't the only news. Disney also announced that other feature films were also being planned "to continue the Star Wars saga and grow the franchise well into the future".

Will Episode 7 bring a new generation of Skywalkers?
This move could also finally get that Star Wars TV series, Star Wars: Underworld off the ground. The show that was announced earlier this year is to focus on the criminals and the gangs of the Star Wars universe.
But the biggest question really is, with Disney now the owners of Star Wars, and Marvel - How long until The Avengers cross paths with the Jedi Council?

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sinister Video Review

Don't make the mistake of watching those creepy murder tapes in your attic! Instead watch our review of Sinister!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sinister Review

Halloween is fast approaching and so traditionally there's going to be quite a few horror films in cinemas. Sinister is one of the first of this year's bunch, but if they all turn out this good then we're going to be in for a treat this year.

Sinister revolves around true crime novelist Ellison Oswalt (played by Ethan Hawke) and his family as they move into a house that was once home to a family who were all gruesomely murdered - except for the young daughter of the family who's body was never found. The idea behind the move is so that the struggling author can write a new book based on the events, to propel him back to the top again.
But soon Hawke realises that this wasn't a normal murder, and after finding a box of old "Super 8" tapes in the attic he sees several more murders that he believes are connected somehow.
These films are possibly the scariest part about Sinister - they are so disturbing and uncomfortable to watch, and yet you find yourself unable to look away.

The plot is interesting, and smart and I genuinely enjoyed it. A horror can be terrifying, but if there's no story behind it then it's still doomed to mediocrity. But Sinister offers a disturbing, yet exciting tale that's paced well and full to the brim of scary moments.
My only criticism with the plot would be that towards the end it feels rushed. There was so much tense pacing but then everything comes together and wraps up in the space of around 20 minutes. This isn't a terrible flaw because the ending was brilliant, but I just felt like the big connection between the murders could have been discovered in a better way than it was.

But chances are if you're going to a scary movie at this time in the year, you're going for the scares not the story. Luckily, Sinister has plenty of scares to satisfy you.
I find that sometimes horror movies go for jump scares and not much else, which can be a problem because jump scares only really work once because after, you know what's coming.
While Sinister does have jump scares, a lot of what scared me came from the tense atmosphere that you can feel from start to finish. Not to mention the films antagonist, who is known as Buguul - his face alone is enough to keep you up at night.

Something else that helps Sinister is the cast. While it doesn't feature any huge names, all of the actors on board are talented - even the children. Casting child actors is often difficult, and a bad child actor playing a key role can be a death sentence for a movie. Luckily, Michael Hall D'Addario and Clare Foley are surprisingly good as Trevor and Ashley respectively - the two child leads of the film.
The aforementioned Ethan Hawke also delivers a good performance, especially in scenes with Juliet Rylance, who plays Hawke's wife Tracy in the film.

Sinister is one of the best horrors of the year so far. It has a great cast of characters, and is full of scary moments which are bound to satisfy any horror fan this Halloween. Thankfully, accompanying these scares is an interesting story that will keep your attention until the shocking, albeit somewhat rushed conclusion.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution Video Review

Because we are a generous folk, we haven't just done a written review, but also a video review of Resident Evil: Retribution! Watch it below!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Hotel Transylvania Beats Looper in the US

This week Adam Sandler's animated comedy, Hotel Transylvania beat out the hyped sci-fi action movie Looper to the US Box Office No. 1 spot, with Looper settling for No. 2.
Sandler's movie made $43 million - double that of Looper - and knocks last week's No. 1, End of Watch, down 2 places to No. 3.

Other new entries this week were musical comedy Pitch Perfect at No. 6, and Won't Back Down at No. 10.
But it seems like Hotel Transylvania and Looper were the two films most wanted to see, as they sit atop the top 10, with significantly higher takings than anything else this week.

Here's the top 10 in full:

1. (-) Hotel Transylvania - $43 million
2. (-) Looper - $21.2 million
3. (1) End of Watch - $8 million
4. (3) Trouble With the Curve - $7.53 million
5. (2) House at the End of the Street - $7.15 million
6. (-) Pitch Perfect - $5.21 million
7. (4) Finding Nemo 3D - $4.1 million
8. (5) Resident Evil: Retribution - $3 million
9. (7) The Master - $2.75 million
10. (-) Won't Back Down - $2.7 million

Come back next for more Box Office news, meanwhile here's a trailer for this week's new No. 1 - Hotel Transylvania:

FIFA 13 Dominates the UK Top 10

To nobody's surprise, FIFA 13 has shot in at No. 1 in the UK Games Charts, selling more than 1 million copies in its opening week. The sporting sim knocks last week's No. 1 - Borderlands 2 - down one place to No. 2.

But FIFA 13 wasn't the only new release this week. World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria debuts at No. 4, while Ubisoft's Rocksmith - a Guitar Hero-like game that uses a real guitar - enters at No. 7.
Meanwhile outside the top 10, Dead or Alive 5 comes in at No. 11, and Angry Birds comes to home consoles for the first time in Angry Birds Trilogy on XBOX 360, PS3 and 3DS at No. 16.
Finally, Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition enters the charts at No. 17.

This week was the first busy week for games in quite some time, suggesting that the Christmas period is now on the horizon. Did you buy any games this week? What games are you looking forward to this Winter? Comment below.

Here's the Top 10 in full:

1. (-) FIFA 13
2. (1) Borderlands 2
3. (2) F1 2012
4. (-) World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
5. (3) Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
6. (4) Sleeping Dogs
7. (-) Rocksmith
8. (13) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
9. (5) Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes
10. (7) New Super Mario Bros. 2

Come back next week for more Top 10 news, meanwhile here's a trailer for this week's new No. 1 - FIFA 13: