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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Avengers Super Bowl XLVI Teaser

Today, Marvel released a quick 17 second clip to show us what to expect come the Super Bowl - here it is:

What do you think? Excited yet?

Our Comic Picks of the Week: 1st February 2012

We tell you what comics we're going for this week!


The Punisher #8

As the Punisher and Rachel Cole Alves carry on their war aginst the exchange, this week sees what happened when they cross tracks.
This series, after a fantastic few opening issues, started to lose pace recently. But #7 was good, and so we have faith that it can be picked up again!

Venom #13

It's the start of the circle of four crossover, as Venom teams up with Red Hulk, X-23, and Ghost Rider! Nuff' said.

Winter Soldier #1

This new series featuring Bucky Barnes as his russian spy alter-ego has quite a bit of hype surrounding it. Why? Ed Brubaker's work on Captain America was some of the best in years, so his take on the Winter Soldier should be welcomed.

DC Comics:

Action Comics #6

Action Comics has been one of the best New 52 books, and in this issue Grant Morrison finishes his story on Supes' arrival on Earth. Sounds good to me.


Fatale #2

Ed Brubaker's noir horror story returns for a second issue, and considering the quality of the first, we're expecting only good things!

That's all for this week, but come back next week for more of our picks!

UK Box Office Top 10: 31st January 2012

This week, War Horse holds the top spot yet again with another £2 million raked in.

It is followed by Golden Globes winner, The Descendants at No. 2, Liam Neeson action flick, The Grey at No. 3, and animated film, A Monster In Paris at No. 4.

The Artist climbs 3 places to No. 5 - probably boosted by it's Golden Globe performance (it picked up 3 awards), while the biggest fall is from, Underworld: Awakening which drops 4 places from No. 3, to No. 7.

That's all the Box Office news this week. Keep updated by liking our facebook page, and following us on twitter!

UK Box Office Top 10:

1. (1) War Horse - £2,081,490
2. (-) The Descendants - £1,797,939
3. (-) The Grey - £1,094,338
4. (-) A Monster in Paris - £1,043,531
5. (8) The Artist - £704,348
6. (4) Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - £655,144
7. (3) Underworld: Awakening - £627,846
8. (5) The Iron Lady - £567,397
9. (6) The Sitter - £554,568
10. (7) Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - £529,462

Here's a trailer for this week's highest new entry, The Descendants:

Monday, 30 January 2012

Ace Attorney 5 announced

Today, game developer Capcom, announced the latest edition in its popular Ace Attorney franchise.

As Phoenix Wright hits its tenth anniversary, Ace Attorney 5, the latest game, along with an HD remake of the first 3 games were announced.

Phoenix Wright, Justice for All, and Trials and Tribulations will be in this HD pack that will be coming to iPhone 4 and iPad 2 only, but will eventually see an Android release.

If you have already bought Phoenix Wright on your iOS device, then you'll be able to import your save game.

No other details were given, but we'll let you know when more come.

US Box Office Top 10: 30th January 2012

This week, Liam Neeson's action flick, The Grey, takes the top spot from last week's No. 1, Underworld: Awakening (which falls to No. 2).

Action-comedy, One for the Money comes in at No. 3 with nearly $12 million made, while thriller, Man on a Ledge debuts at No. 5.

The Descendants re-enters the top 10 this week at No. 7 - probably due to its performance at the Golden Globes where it picked up 2 awards.

Meanwhile, action movie, Haywire, looks like it could be on our movie flops of 2012 list by the end of the year. It falls 5 places from its debut at No. 5 to No. 10 this week, with just $4 million made. That brings its current total to an underwhelming $15 million - and I would bet on it not being in the top 10 for much longer...

US Box Office Top 10:

1. (-) The Grey - $20 million
2. (1) Underworld: Awakening - $12.5 million
3. (-) One for the Money - $11.8 million
4. (2) Red Tails - $10.4 million
5. (-) Man on a Ledge - $8.25 million
6. (4) Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - $7.14 million
7. (Re-Entry) The Descendants - $6.55 million
8. (3) Contraband - $6.53 million
9. (6) Beauty and the Beast 3D - $5.43 million
10. (5) Haywire - $4 million

That's all the box office news for this week. Be sure to like our facebook page or follow us on twitter. Here's a trailer for this week's new No. 1, The Grey:

UK Top 10 Videogames: 30th January 2012

This week FIFA 12 holds it's place at No. 1 yet again. It is the best-selling sports game in the UK ever! Good for you EA Sports! Not so good for Konami, who's PES franchise seems to be dying a very slow and painful death.

It's a good week for revelations as this week also sees Resident Evil: Revelations make it's debut at No. 6, while Assassin's Creed: Revelations re-enters the top 10 - climbing 3 places from No. 12 to No. 9.

Outside the top 10, The Sims 3: Master Suite Stuff makes a debut at No. 23.

UK Top 10 Videogames (All Formats, All Prices):

1. (1) FIFA 12
2. (4) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
3. (2) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
4. (3) Just Dance 3
5. (5) Battlefield 3
6. (-) Resident Evil: Revelations
7. (6) Zumba Fitness
8. (7) Saints Row: The Third
9. (12) Assassin's Creed: Revelations
10. (8) Zumba Fitness 2

That's all the UK Chart news we have this week! Keep updated by liking our facebook page, or following us on twitter.
Here's a trailer for this week's highest new entry: Resident Evil: Revelations.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Preview: Asura's Wrath

Asura's Wrath is the latest action offering from Capcom and is due for a release in late February. I recently played one of the final builds and while I found it fun, there are a few worries.

First though, let me talk about the good bits. For starters, Asura's Wrath has got a brilliant style. Playing through it is exciting and makes you feel powerful. While playing it, you could easily believe you were playing through some kind of insane action movie - and while that's mainly a good thing, it leads into one of Asura's potential problems.

In the build I played, Capcom was coming dangerously close to using too many QTE's (Quick Time Events). While these are fun in moderation, you were doing them here every couple of minutes - so while it makes everything look cool, I can see it getting boring if used throughout the entire game.

The controls are also a little worrying. They were a little difficult to get the hang of at the beginning, and while I got used to them after a while, they felt clumsy at multiple occasions.

But this wasn't frequent enough to become an overwhelming flaw, it's just something that I hope Capcom can fix before bringing Asura to store shelves.

Another dodgy thing about the controls were the attack moves. It's easy to rapid fire whatever weapon it is that Asura has, as well as to lock on and fire during boss fights. But when going toe-to-toe with a regular enemy, it was difficult to know when you were attacking. This could become a major problem, unless its patched over soon.

The graphics aren't going to take your breath away, but I don't think they need to. Your mind is having way too much trouble coming to terms with the giant God trying to crush you with his ginormous thumb to care about them.

Generally, Asura's Wrath looks to be a fun, albeit mental, new IP from Capcom. The gameplay was mostly good, but let down by slightly clumsy controls and a possible over-use of QTE's. I'm hoping Capcom can tweak the controls before Asura comes to market though, and if they do then this one could be something very special.

Daily David [Weekly] Podcast #1: Harry Hill is Trying to Kill Me!

The Entertainment Network's idiot, David Craig, talks about his week.

If the podcast player isn't working, click here.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

What has Happened to this Website??

Things are looking a little different around here as of late - you may be wondering why. Well here it is:

To celebrate our first birthday we decided to take the leap from blog to website. Our domain name will stay the same, to avoid creating dead links all over our facebook and twitter page - but there will be some changes.

While we decided to keep our name as "The Entertainment Network," technically - we are no longer a network. We're still going to report on Movies, Games, TV, Comics, Books and Music - but it will all be in the same place, rather than on different sites.

As a result of this we had to import our posts from around the network, to this site - so that's why there's a lot of random, old posts everywhere.

Normality will return soon enough - meanwhile comment below or head to our forums to voice your opinions on the changes.

Evanescence (Deluxe Edition) - By Evanescence (2011)

I'm a big fan of Evanescence and have been for a little while now. When I first listened to their new album - simply titled "Evanescence" - I thought it didn't compare to their older work. However, the more I listened to it, the more it grew on me and now I think it's some of their best work yet!

The album carries the same hybrid of rock and classical instruments that the band have always had (despite the several line-up changes). Amy Lee is just as good as she always has been as the band's lead singer, and the rest of the group all prove their worth through some fantastic drum and guitar solos.

But it's not all good. As per usual with Evanescence there are a few dud tracks. Most notable are "Swimming Home" which seems to lack the entire band's presence (with the exception of Amy). While this has proved to be a winning formula before with songs such as "My Immortal" this time it really doesn't work, and makes "Swimming Home" just very boring to listen to.

The only other track I had a problem with was "Secret Door" - one of the four bonus tracks you get with the deluxe edition. It suffers a similar problem to "Swimming Home" in that both the lyrics and rhythm fail to grab your attention.

Those two tracks aside though, Evanescence really is a great album. With the exception of the aforementioned two, all the songs are fantastic to listen to, and feature some great lyrics - and also some quite meaningful ones.
Highlights of the album are "Made of Stone", "Lost In Paradise", "Oceans", and "Say You Will."

The fact that they wrote these songs themselves is great too, as that feature is becoming increasingly difficult to find in music acts.

The deluxe edition also comes with a behind-the-scenes DVD featuring the video to "What You Want," the first single of the new album as well as many interviews with the band. While this is a nice touch, it's not a reason to splash out for the deluxe edition. Although the 3 bonus tracks (not including Secret Door) are of high quality - but still the deluxe edition may be a fan-only thing.

So all in all, apart from a couple of poor songs, this album is definitely one worth adding to your collection. If you liked any of Evanescence's previous work, or want to start listening to them, there's no better entry point than here. With some meaningful and catchy songs this album is unmissable.

Halo: First Strike Review

I started reading the Halo novels last year with next to no knowledge on the games. But I was happy to see that you didn't have to have any to enjoy the books and gave Halo: The Fall of Reach (which is generally the starting point for these novels) a 9.0/10.
Recently I moved on to the not as good sequel, Halo: The Flood and lost a lot of faith in the series giving that one a 5.5/10 - So the question is, has First Strike restored my faith?

Yes, I think it has.
Halo: First Strike picks up directly where The Flood left off with the Master Chief stranded in space after the destruction of Halo. With nothing but Cortana and an empty asteroid field for company, things are looking a bit grim for the chief.
In the end he finds some survivors, all new apart from a couple of faces from the past. With this new gang the Master Chief begins a plan to get back home to Earth - but it isn't going to be easy.
Over the course of this book the Chief has so many stops and starts and springs so many traps it starts to get a little more annoying than dramatic - but this is only minor and you may not feel the same way.

Apart from these moments writer, Eric Nylund, does create a generally exciting and intense atmosphere - and proves that he will always beat William C. Deitz when it comes to Halo writing. Why? Nylund seems to have a much better grasp on the chief's character and abilities. I may have moaned a bit about all the bad things that happen to the chief and co. in the previous paragraph, but at least Nylund creates some kind of struggle for the chief. In The Flood, Deitz made everything seem easy for him in my opinion.

Something Nylund excels at is making you feel for the character's. In The Flood I felt nothing for the supporting character's or the chief himself for that matter - not the case here.
In fact I felt a lot for the character's here - and in moments of distress I actually found myself worrying for their safety! I really feel I got to know a lot of the character's in First Strike, and (without giving anything away) felt genuine sorrow when some of them passed on...

Although one thing that has haunted me since I started reading the Halo novels has come back again. Space battles. As I said at the beginning of the review you don't really need much knowledge on the games to enjoy these novels. The character's, environments, and ships are easy to imagine on your own - but the battles in space have always been something I've had trouble understanding. This may well be due to my lack of experience in the games, but it still annoyed me - especially in the final pages where I felt I was missing out on the build-up to the finale.

In the end though, Halo: First Strike is a good book. It has a lot of good action, and some great character's who I really enjoyed getting to know. Unfortunately though the space battles remain a bit difficult to understand, and sometimes things go so wrong for the Chief you can't help but get a little annoyed...

The Week In Comics: 15th January 2012

The biggest Comic news stories of the week.

This week: Batman crossovers, cancelled New 52 titles, Avengers vs X-Men teasers and more!

DC Reveals Bat-Crossover

Have you been enjoying the Court of Owls story going on in Batman at the moment? Then your in luck because the owls aren't going anywhere. This event will focus on the owls and the extent of their attack on the Wayne/Bat family.

Scott Snyder will start his crossover with back-up stories at the end of Batman and Detective comics - starting in Batman #8. Unfortunately, this means the cost of Batman comics is going up from $2.99, to $3.99 - This does not bode well with our cut-backs!!

The back-ups will look into the past of the Court of Owls, in preparation for the big event that will span: Batman and Robin, Batman: The Dark Knight, Catwoman, Batwing, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Nightwing, All-Star Western, Batgirl, and Birds of Prey.

Now that is an event. Although, (thankfully) Snyder also said that you don't have to buy all those books to understand the cross-over. The stories are designed to be self-contained.

We'll give you our thoughts on this cross-over, when it starts in a few months time.

Captain America and Bucky gets Replaced!

Have you been enjoying the recent Captain America and Bucky series? Well then I've got some bad news. It's ending - well, kind of.

The series will now continue in Avenging Spider-Man style. By that I mean it will keep Captain America in the title role, but add a different Marvel guest star each month. This new take on the series starts with #629, when Captain America & Hawkeye begins.

Writer, Cullen Bunn revealed that in the story Cap and Hawkeye go out to fight a bunch of dinosaurs - so I'm guessing it'll be something in the Savage Land.

He also revealed that Cap & Iron Man, and Cap & Black Widow will be the next team-ups after Hawkeye.

What are your thoughts on this new take on the series?

Six New 52 Titles Get Cancelled, Six New Titles on the Way!

This week DC announced their second wave of The New 52. The second wave consists of 6 titles, meaning to keep the New 52 title relevant, six of the current titles have to end.

So, if your a fan of either: Blackhawks, Hawk & Dove, Men of War, Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C, or Static Shock you're out of luck. All of those series' will be ending with #8 to make way for the following new series'.

Batman Incorporated: The New 52 follow-up to Batman Inc: Leviathan Strikes.

Earth 2: Based on a parallel earth, and focusing around the Justice Society, who are on a collision course with other worlds - I think we can all guess what world they're about to hit.

World's Finest: Huntress and Power Girl (from Earth-2) are stranded on our world - this series follows them on their way back to Earth-2!

Dial H: A series following the psychological effects on an everyman who accidentally gains powers to become a hero.

G.I Combat: The new G.I. Combat ongoing will feature The War That Time Forgot, an action-adventure story by writer J.T. Krul and artist Ariel Olivetti. The series will also feature a rotating slate of back-up stories that includes The Unknown Soldier by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Dan Panosian, and The Haunted Tank by John Arcudi and Scott Kolins.

The Ravagers: Spinning off from Teen Titans and Superboy, this series finds four superpowered teens on the run and fighting against the organization that wants to turn them into supervillains.

Marvel Has A Cross-Over Too!

The Avenging Spider-Man #6 starts a crossover between Spidey, Punisher and Daredevil. In #6 of Daredevil, Daredevil obtained a disk featuring intel on criminal organisations from all over the world. The Punisher wants it, so he can go find the organisations and kick all sorts of ass - Daredevil isn't willing to let him do that.

To stop the whole situation getting out of hand, Reed Richards (creator of the disk) sends Spidey off to get the disk back!

The three part story starts in Avenging Spider-Man #6, continues in Daredevil #11, and ends in The Punisher #10.

The Avengers vs. X-Men Teasers

Marvel have been releasing loads of AvX match-ups this week. We've collected them all in a single post (because we're very nice). You can see them by clicking here!

And those are the biggest comic stories of the week! Come back next week for more!

The Ray #1 Review

The Ray is one of DC's first limited series' taking place in the New 52 - It was a bit of a wildcard for me this month, and while it was OK, I could have done without it.

The Ray #1 does a fairly good origin story that maybe takes a little too long. It introduces us to Lucien who gets hit by a "Sun Gun" and in doing so becomes The Ray. Although, it seems a bit weird how it spends so much time introducing us to The Ray himself, along with his family and friends and how he mastered his powers etc, yet it doesn't bother introducing the Villain of the series until practicaly the last page.

This was a little disappointing, but what made it more annoying was that the villain didn't even grasp my attention. He seemed like a new concept, but still lacked character.

On the other hand, the art in this book is quite good. It's bright and colourful with a nice style, and the script is also good featuring some lines that actually made me laugh. But in the end it can't change the fact that right now the story seems pretty weak.

The Ray #1 is a good book, but it spends a little too much time focusing on the main character, leaving a lot to be desired on the villain side of things. Thankfully, the art and script make it worth a shot, but still not an essential read.

Magneto: Not A Hero #2 Review

#1 of this limited series was one of those books that was good, but wasn't that great. Unfortunately, #2 has the same problem and so as we cut back on costs we might not be able to continue with it...

The plot revealed last month continues, with Magneto's clone/rival, Joseph being resurrected by obsessed follower, Astra. The main problem is not much really happens here, and I still struggle to understand what the outcome of this will be. It still hasn't been made clear what exactly Joseph aims to accomplish - and he doesn't really even do anything this issue.

But the slightly odd story is saved by some fantastic art, which I really like. If nothing else, this series is a nice one to look at. The writing is also strong, it's just a shame there's not enough substance to the story.

Magneto: Not A Hero is OK. It's not amazing, but it's not bad either - it hovers in that in-between place. It's nice art, and expert writing means it has a lot of potential, but the story itself just lacks enough substance. We're halfway through the series and I still don't see any real plan! What is Joseph aiming for here?

The bottom line is, if you liked #1 of this series, you'll probably like #2 - however if you haven't read this series yet, I'd keep reading the reviews and then if you like the sound of it go for the Trade Paperback (which comes out in late May). It's good, but missable.

Batgirl #4 Review

Last month I hoped that the Batgirl vs. Mirror storyline would come to an end - this month my wish was granted and yet still I'm disappointed. Not only was it not made clear what Mirror's costume actually makes people see, but also the "final showdown" between the two was just a bit lame.

This isn't helped by the fact that Barbara Gordon/Batgirl's narrating is used too much! In almost every panel she's saying something unnecessary, meaning throughout the comic I just wanted her to shut up.

One redeeming feature of this book is the art. From the beginning the series has been a nice one to look at, making the few good action sequences exciting to read. But some OK art just isn't enough to save the mediocre story and weak main character.

It's a shame too, because this story actually started off well, but in the past few issues has trailed off and ended up just a little tedious. Mirror turned out to be a dull, weak villain who verges on nonsensical and Batgirl just ends up looking like an insecure woman not ready to be in a costume. At first this made the character interesting, but now you just want her to get over it and stop whining.

#4 is a disappointing end to a disappointing story arc. In 4 month's Gail Simone has quite efficiently turned me off both the character of Batgirl, and her comic. There's a chance the next arc will be better, but infortunately I won't be reading it.

The Punisher #6 Review

Last month's issue of Punisher left me disappointed. It was lacking in everything! It just didn't feel like The Punisher. And while this issue does a little better, it's still not up to scratch.

This issue sees Marine Sergeant Rachel Cole-Alves start her war against the Exchange. The people responsible for killing her husband, friends and family on her wedding day. I was looking forward to seeing this happen, but left a little disappointed. Maybe this was because the story seems to be losing its way a bit. Maybe its because the art has changed for the worse. I don't know, but it's something.

Speaking of the art, I have to say that there's a new artist working on Punisher and I am not impressed. Matthew Southworth and Matthew Clark just cannot match the beautiful work of Marco Checchetto - and to be honest my enjoyment of the issue was effected by this.
I just hope Checchetto returns for #7.

Thankfully though, the writing remains strong - but it is weakening due to the misdirection of the story. I don't know where Greg Rucka is taking this book and I'm not sure if he knows either.

But, the increased amount of action does make The Punisher #6 exciting to read - even if the story feels as if it's deteriorating a little. The art is okay, but just isn't as good as previous artist, Marco Checchetto, but the script manages to stay strong in the middle of all of this. I really hope Greg Rucka can put this series back on track as its gone from my favourite book, to a bit of a chore.
What won't help is that next month looks to be a month off from of this story...how annoying.

Daredevil #6 Review

I haven't been a huge fan of this Daredevil series. I haven't minded it, but I haven't loved it either. That was, until now...

#6 of Daredevil is one of the best comics I've read this year. That's a big claim, but I think it's true. It just manages to do so many things right! Like what?

Well first, #6 sees the ending (more or less) of the current story arc. And what a way to finish it! This issue was action-packed and written expertly.
To top it all off, the art - which I wasn't a big fan of before - really came into its own this issue. There were some fantastic scenes in the duration of the issue - some of which really belonged in a movie.
The art still isn't perfect though, and although I prefer the likes of J. H. Williams III, it is growing on me.

I just hope that the story is revisited sometime in the not-too-distant future, because there's definitely a lot more to be done with this one. This is due to the way that it seems to leave some unanswered questions - while I normally hate this type of stuff - here it works well.
I just hope they actually do follow up on it - if they don't it would be a bit of a cop out.

But I think I'm going off on a tangent. The fact is Daredevil #6 is a fantastic end to an enjoyable story. The writing is perfect, and the art is great - plus, the door has been left open for a follow-up story sometime in the future.
You need this one in your collection!

The Avenging Spider-Man #2 Review

Last month, when Avenging Spider-Man debuted, I couldn't help but be a little disappointed. The art was fantastic, the writing was good but the lack of a decent story seemed to weigh it down.
So, has the story improved this month? A little.

This month sees the story of Spidey and Red Hulk continue as they make their way through Subterranea, trying to find the cause of the Moloid invasion on the surface.
This issue does seem to have more of a plot, but the story still doesn't seem very deep or interesting. Plus, we still know little about what is really going on, and when your story isn't even very interesting, that's not a good thing.

But, I shouldn't be too harsh. The story is an improvement over what we got in #1, even if it's still a little underwhelming.

Thankfully, Joe Madureira's art remains beautiful meaning the book remains a joy to look at! I can't help but think how much worse the book would be without it.
The writing also remains strong, although isn't quite as good as last month's. I think it too is weighed down by the limitatins of the story.

There's not much more to say about Avenging Spider-Man. It's a book that's still suffering from a mediocre story - and no amount of great art and writing is going to fix that. #2 is worth a shot, but I think this story needs to move on quickly, or Avenging Spider-Man is going to become very forgettable.

The Defenders #1 Review

The Defenders #1 brings back one of Marvel's oddest super-team's with an altered roster, a new writer, and some new art too! But is it any good?

Yes, it is, but it's not without flaws.

Defenders #1 brings together Dr. Starnge, Iron Fist, Red She-Hulk, The Silver Surfer, and Namor to fight some sort of shadow of The Hulk. That's one of #1's biggest problems - it's not made completely clear what they're fighting! Hulk mentions he's called Nul - A destroyer of worlds - but he doesn't go into much depth on the matter.
But, I suppose this will be made a bit clearer in later issues, it just would have been nice to know in a little more detail.

The art in this book is okay - and at times is quite good. But I noticed other times where it wasn't so spectacular which was a little disappointing. That's not to say the art is bad - it does the job.

Something I did like about this book was the script. While the story didn't feel completely explained, for the most part the script wasn't affected. Where a lot of books have a lot of clumsy writing, this one feels very polished.

In the end though, Defenders is off to a good start. The story doesn't feel completely explained, but it has a lot of potential - and I'm sure Matt Fraction (Writer) will be filling in the blanks soon - and while the art isn't incredible it's good enough and is accompanied by a strong script.

Batman #3 Review

To be honest, I've been a little confused as to why everyone's loved this Bat-series so much. I really haven't gotten into it. But, this issue is an improvement over last month's so maybe its not too late for me to be converted.

This issue sees the court of owls story continue - a story which I haven't been too impressed with to be honest.
It's all just been a bit too vague - I get that they're trying to create a mystery, but the un-inspired villain and general lack of knowing what's going on is starting to get to me. Thankfully, there was a fantastic end to this month's issue that did manage to get me hooked in for #4.

One thing I didn't like about the story is that I do find it a bit complicated. This issue - along with previous ones - I've had to re-read a lot of times to get an idea of what's going on. This could be considered as a good thing - getting your money's worth maybe - but I think a good story should never confuse you, and this one did a bit.
Although saying that, I always get my head round it in the end!

On the plus side, the writing's great. Where several comics seem to be a little heavy-handed with their script, Batman has one just as good as the Christopher Nolan films! Although, a way they could have solved the above issue is by explaining things a little better.

Another thing I like about this book is the art. Originally, I had my doubts - but the more I see it, the more I love it! It's dark, detailed and has a unique style - basically it goes great with Batman.

What I'm trying to say is, although I still have my doubts with this series - it's definitely improving. The writing remains Blockbuster-Standard, the art looks great and the story seems to be getting better and better. If things become a little easier to understand next issue - then there's a high chance I could fall in love with this series.

Aquaman #3 Review

I was a little disappointed with last month's issue of Aquaman. Luckily, #3 has restored my faith.

In #3 we see Aquaman and Mera fight against the creatures from the trench, and try to unravel the mystery of what they actually are.

After last month's issue I was bored of the trench monsters already, but this month my interest was renewed. This was due to all the fresh information given out. Unfortunately, we still don't really know why they're coming up to the surface, but we get our first hint's and it looks as if next month's issue is going to tell us a lot more.

What helps this story is the excellent script - some of the Aquaman jokes are getting a little bit old now, but there's not too many so its okay. More importantly, it never feels like the story is being pushed along too quickly. It takes its time, but doesn't get boring.
This is also thanks to the introduction of new character, Stephen Shin, who I think could become a key player in later issues.
Plus, the art here is also great (as usual). It's detailed, colourful and has some beautiful water effects.

I still think that writer, Geoff Johns, could have chosen a slightly more interesting villain than these fish - but after this issue I can live with the decision.

Aquaman #3 has paved the way for an issue that could be absolutely outstanding next month. While at the same time remains an entertaining read with an ever-improving story, some great art, and good writing. If you haven't already, you really need to give Aquaman a go.

The Flash #3 Review

The Flash is one "New 52" series which is going from strength to strength, and #3 is no exception.

It picks up directly where #2 left off with the city out of power, causing a plane to fall from the sky and land on a collison course with a busy road - The Flash has a lot to do. 
But that's not the only thing going on. The plot of Manuel and his hundreds of clones also thickens, and two of The Flash's friends face possibly grave danger - it's all going wrong!

Luckily, it makes #3 very entertaining to read. The story, which I had doubts about before, seems to have gotten a lot stronger now that more has been revealed. And this month's ending is one of the best cliffhanger's I've read in a while, leaving me dying to know what happened and eagerly anticipating #4.

The writing also remains strong, with a good script moving things along nicely. There are also some funny comments from Manuel that actually made me laugh. The narrative from Flash himself is also good and remains interesting, not annoying (see Batgirl).
The art also continues to be great. Its got a great style that really suits The Flash's character and really suits this story.

There's not much I can complain about with The Flash #3. It's got a clearer story, art that continues to look awesome, and a great narrative - all of which makes it a joy to read. Unmissable.

Justice League #3 Review

After loving both #1 and 2 of Justice League I'm a little disappointed with this instalment. 

The entrance of Wonder Woman is something I've actually been looking forward to, but now it's actually happening I'm a little underwhelmed. Why? #3 contains not much actual plot. Looking back, I suppose the first two didn't either - but I excused this as I believed this was because the Justice League hadn't fully formed yet.

This could easily still be the case - but that doesn't stop it from making #3 a bit of a chore.


It's obvious that what's going on in this story has something to do with Darkseid - but we still don't know what. That's the reason why watching the JL fight these monsters is starting to get dull - because it seems to be happening for no reason at all.

The art here remains fantastic, but I can't help but not care about it when faced with such a boring story. This also means that the writing - which is quite good - also fails to grab my attention. No matter how good your writing is, it's never going to be entertaining if the story's crap.

Now, I'm sure this story will end up being fine in the end - I just hope it starts speeding up a bit because 3 issues in, and we know little more than we did in #1. Except that Wonder Woman likes ice-cream that is.

All of this makes Justice League #3 a huge disappointment. It may look pretty, but that doesn't stop it from being plotless and boring. We've had 3 months (ish) of random fight scenes - now it's time for a story!

Batwoman #3 Review

Last issue of Batwoman was a huge improvement over the first, and turned me into a fan single-handedly. Has issue 3 kept my interest? Yes it has!

This issue sees Batwoman's first proper encounter against the Weeping Woman, as well as seeing her first scrap with Cameron Chase from the sinister D.E.O - leaving her in a difficult situation.

The Weeping Woman story is one that keeps going from strength to strength - its disappointing debut has been forgotten and in its place is an exhilarating, sophisticated story of Kate Kane's relationships with her sidekick and cousin, Bette, and her subtle relationship with G.C.P.D cop, Maggie Sawyer.

The writing remains incredibly strong - with not one line feeling out of place, or being too heavy-handed with the story. And the art - which I have had doubts about before - is absolutely flawless this issue.

One complaint I do have with the issue was that it ended too quickly - I know that sounds stupid. But it seemed to end just as things were starting to kick off, which was disappointing - but at the same time it just makes me more excited for next issue!

Batwoman #3 is the most dramatic and action-packed issue yet. A story that's getting more and more intriguing with every issue, some incredible writing, and flawless art - that really is some of the best in the business right now - make issue 3 unmissable.