Saturday, 28 January 2012

Life's Too Short: Episode 6 Review

If you've been reading my reviews of Life's Too Short, you'll know by now that I'm not a massive fan. It's just a very flawed series. And while it still has problems, this episode is at least an improvement over last week.

The episode is mainly about a party that Warwick throws in his new flat, but between that there's some more divorce settlements and a hilarious scene involving a washing machine.
That's right. I said hilarious.

Many times in the past I've complained about how Life's Too Short just isn't very funny - and while this episode still isn't filled with laughs - this scene in particular did cause me to laugh-out-loud.
Accompanying this one were some other mildly funny moments. Keith Chegwin, Shaun Williamson, and Les Dennis continue to bring in a few laughs, which to be honest is surprising!
This episode also re-kindled my love for Cheryl, who remains the best character in the show.

Unfortunately, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant decide to make a cameo in this episode and once again it just feels utterly pointless. There is no reason for those two to be in it at all. They bring nothing to the show - no laughs, no plot - they just want to have their faces in the spotlight.

This week's celebrity cameo comes from Tess Daly. She does quite well - especially considering she's not an actress. And she does have a few funny lines, just not too many. Her cameo is probably 3rd best of the series, (behind Liam Neeson, and Helena Bonham Carter).

Warwick (as a character) remains very difficult to like or relate with. He's just a little too unrealistic. But he's not quite as bad as he was last week. I'm hoping to see him change into someone a little more likeable by next week - it is the final episode after all. If he doesn't then I'm going to struggle to see the point of this series.

Anyway, in the end Life's Too Short, Episode 6 is better than last week. There were actually funny moments, and a slightly less annoying Warwick to deal with. But, the series still can't dig itself out of mediocrity - the funny moments don't come often enough, and the way Gervais and Merchant insist on making cameos in most of the episodes is just getting annoying!


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