Sunday, 5 February 2012

Chronicle Review

Chronicle is a new take on the super-hero movie, incorporating found-footage effects into the genre. It follows 3 teenage boys, Matt, Steve and Andrew as they gain incredible telekinesis powers from a mysterious artifact found outside a party they were at.

The rest of the film is the 3 boys learning how to develop their newly-found powers and becoming more and more powerful as the film goes on.

The plot runs smoothly for most of the film, and is made stronger by the movie's interesting characters - portrayed by a strong array of actors - for many of which, this is their breakout role.

Dane DeHaan steals the show as Andrew - the troubled teen who lets his powers get the better of him. But the rest of the cast are also strong and offer well-rounded performances.

And despite the fact that Andrew is basically the bad guy of this movie, you can still sympathise with him - you can see why he's doing what he's doing, and that makes him a more relatable character.

DeHaan as Andrew
For a film with a relatively low budget, Chronicle is impressive on the special effects side of things as well. There are moments where things look a bit weird, and sometimes they look pretty fake - but on the whole Chronicle has good effects that hold up against some of the bigger budget blockbusters of recent years.

The main problem I had with Chronicle was the ending - I'm not going to spoil anything, so don't worry! I just thought that after such an action-packed and exciting finale, the ending was a bit of a buzz-kill. Why? It left a big question unanswered, and just didn't feel like an ending at all.

It's a shame because this one thing ends up tainting what was a good movie until then.

But, Chronicle is definitely worth seeing. It's a new spin on a classic genre, and something you probably haven't seen before. The cast is strong, and the character's are interesting - it's just a shame that the strong plot is let down by a disappointing ending that doesn't seem to answer some big questions.


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