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Saturday, 26 January 2013

13 Movies to Watch in 2013

2012 is over and done with, as we usher in the year of 2013 - Thankfully, it looks like it will be another amazing year for movies. The Avengers break up and continue their separate lives in Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World, while DC bring Superman back to the big screen as one final attempt to make the Man of Steel popular again. Outside the world of super-heroes we have the continuation of The Hunger Games story, a new take on a classic fairytale and much more on the horizon.

We've picked 13 of the most promising movies and ranked them in order of our anticipation. Join us as we take a look at 13 movies that will make 2013 great. (And if you like this feature it would really help us out if you'd like our Facebook page and/or follow us on Twitter. Your support really helps!).

I was cautious at first about having Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters on this list. After all, the last famous figure to be turned into a "hunter" was Abraham Lincoln and that didn't end well. But even with that in mind I think Hansel and Gretel deserves a spot on this list. The two leads are in the hands of two very capable actors in Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton and if the promise of awesome action is fulfilled then we could have a very entertaining movie here - albeit maybe not one with the deepest story. Watch the trailer below, and let us know what you think!

Wow. I can't believe a movie like Movie 43 exists. How the creators of this crazy piece managed to round up so many successful actors for one comedy piece I will never know, but they managed it and I can't wait to see it. Starring the likes of Halle Berry, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Emma Stone, Kate Winslet, Richard Gere, Stephen Merchant, Sean William Scott, and Anna Faris to name but a few - seriously, I could go on - and with an absolutely outrageous trailer on the interwebs right now this is a must-see for comedy fans. Do yourself a favour and watch the trailer below...
Okay, so this one might not mean anything to readers in the US - after all you got to see this movie last year - but Disney seem to like their fans in the UK to wait for their movies. They did it last year with The Muppets, and they're doing it again this year with Wreck-It Ralph. Either way, here in the UK we're finally getting the movie in February and word form the US is that it's pretty darn good. With the voice talents of John C. Reilly (Step Brothers), Jack McBrayer (30 Rock - one of my favourite shows), and Jane Lynch who is always awesome this should be a hit when it lands here next month.
Now it's hard to know whether we should be excited about The Wolverine or not- after all, all we've seen is a few pictures. However, the fact that the movie takes place after X-Men 3, and the promise that the people at Fox have learned a thing or two since X-Men Origins leaves me cautiously optimistic for this one. Another reason to keep an open mind is because this movie sees Wolverine make his way to Japan - a country the character has a very close relationship with in the comics. This jump to a more faithful adaptation of Wolverine could be the push this franchise needs to get back on its feet.
The first Hunger Games movie came out last year and, while it wasn't perfect, it was better than many people expected. Plus, it proved that adaptations of teen books aren't always absolutely awful. The second instalment in this series is seeing the original cast reprise their roles, but this time with a new director. Now whilst Gary Ross (director of the first film) did a good job kicking off the franchise, there were numerous things that critics and fans wanted improved the second time round - this new director (Francis Lawrence, who directed I Am Legend) could do that with a fresh vision for the series. We'll see if this movie delivers when it's released at the end of the year.
When JJ Abrams' Star Trek hit cinemas a few years back it catapulted the waning franchise back to the top of the Sci-Fi tree. This sequel looks like it's going to do nothing to harm that new status, because from what we've seen it may well beat its predecessor. With the origin story of this group out of the way we can now focus on a foe for them to fight, and Benedict Cumberbatch's mysterious character looks more than worthy to fill that role. Plus, it will be a treat to see the entirety of the last film's cast return to their roles, as they showed some great chemistry together in the previous movie. This is a serious contender for sci-fi movie of the year.
Robots. Monsters. GLaDOS. Surely you should be sold by now? The latest movie from acclaimed director Guillermo Del Toro looks like it could one of his best yet. While the trailer did feel a little light on plot, I have faith that Del Toro - director of awesome films like Hellboy 1&2 and Pans Labyrinth - can pull this off if anyone can. Set in a world where giant beasts have emerged from a portal in the pacific ocean, Pacific Rim tells the story of humanities last stand against the beasts that are ravaging the world. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!
After the success of The Avengers, it's hard not to be excited about anything coming from Marvel at the moment, and while we're yet to have a trailer for Thor's latest adventure anticipation is already steadily building. What we know so far is that Loki features in the sequel however is not the main antagonist, that role goes to former Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston who is to play Malekith the Accursed: Ruler of the Dark Elves. We also know that Natalie Portman will be back for the sequel, implying that we'll see the next stage in her relationship with Thor. The Marvel Cinematic Universe deepens this November, and I can't wait to see how!
It's no secret that Pixar haven't been on form in recent years, with their last two films - Cars 2 and Brave - being met with a resounding "Meh." So, now I'm hoping a return to the companies roots will bring out the best in them. Monsters Inc. is one of my favourite Pixar films and so I can't wait for this prequel which focuses on the University years of Mike, Sully and the gang. With the original cast of Billy Crystal, John Goodman and Steve Buscemi returning, along with the fact that Pixar have already proved with Toy Story 3 that they're capable of bringing a dormant franchise out of retirement and restoring it to its former glory - this could be one of Pixar's best films yet.
Let's face it: Superman hasn't been "cool" for years. After 2006's Superman Returns turned out to be a surprise dud at the box office, Warner has been thinking of ways to refresh the oldest super-hero still doing the rounds. The result is Man of Steel starring a lot of big talent such as Henry Cavill (Immortals) as Superman himself, Amy Adams (The Fighter) as the new Lois Lane, as well as Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe and Laurence Fishburne also with starring roles. My only worry with this move is the director - Zack Snyder. You either love him or hate him. Known for his stylish films like Watchmen, 300, and Suckerpunch he's yet to release a film that doesn't leave his audience divided. However, the first trailer was awesome, and the rumours that this film could have hints of the upcoming Justice League movie makes it a must-see even more.
Django Unchained comes from the somewhat insane mind of Quentin Tarantino and is at it's core a tongue in-cheek western movie with A LOT of violence - and I can't wait to see it. Set in the time when black people were used as slaves by the whites, Django (Jamie Foxx) has to rescue his wife, Broomhilda who has been sold to a rather unpleasant Calvin Candie (played by Leonardo DiCaprio). It's easy to get caught up in the controversy surrounding this movie - particularly its action figures - but word from the US (who got the movie in December) is it's another Tarantino classic.
The original Kick-Ass is still one of my favourite films of all time. It was funny, but also had some emotional moments, along with some great action and brilliant acting from the likes of Aaron Johnson, Nicolas Cage and the rising star that is Chloe Moretz. After a while though I was convinced that we wouldn't be seeing a sequel to what is one of the most under-appreciated comic book movies of the last few years - but here we are, just months away. Following the same story of the Kick-Ass 2 comic, this sequel has the original cast reprise their roles (along with series newcomers like Jim Carrey!) for a darker story with a grander scope. My only worry is the choice of director/screenplay writer in Jeff Wadlow who is relatively unknown and has produced a fair amount of bad movies. However, Matthew Vaughn (the first film's director) has assured us that he's more than capable of the job. We'll see when the film is released this Summer.
This is the big one for me this year. The first movie in Marvel's "Phase 2" plans and the return of Robert Downey Jr. in the role he was born to play. The first trailer was amazing, and Ben Kingsley's Mandarin is a mysterious, new kind of villain for Tony Stark to go up against. Following the "Extremis" storyline that sees Tony Stark become one with his suit, as well as the promise that the events will tear Tony Stark's world apart, this looks to be 2013's first unmissable film. If you haven't seen it already, then watch the trailer below:

Friday, 4 January 2013

5 Best Movies of 2012

2012 was an amazing year for movies. There were loads of huge releases including Marvel's cinematic universe coming together in the form of The Avengers, the end of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises and the triumphant return of James Bond in the record-breaking Skyfall. But what were our top picks of 2012? And what was our movie of the year? Here's our Top 5 best movies, as well as what we believe to be the worst movie of the year...

Argo was a film that wasn't on my radar. I hadn't heard much about it until mere weeks until its release, but the more I heard the more my interest started to perk up. And rightly so, because Argo was a knockout! Ben Affleck continues to redeem himself after that God-awful Daredevil film, with a tense drama about a fake sci-fi film being used as a way to rescue hostages from a grizzly fate. Not only were great performances given by the entire cast, but the film also delivered a few surprisingly funny comedy moments to let you unwind a little before you're hit with another tense sequence. A film that you definitely shouldn't miss!

The Dark Knight Rises is a film that has ranked a lot higher on some other people's "Best Of" lists, but for me, this is about right. The Dark Knight Rises was a great film, if I didn't think so it wouldn't be on this list, but I did have a few problems with it which stopped it from ranking as high as it has on other people's lists. If you want to know more about what I thought then read my review here. Anyway, overall the film was a fantastic end to Christopher Nolan's epic trilogy. It ties together with the previous two films very well, and features some great fight scenes and a heap of exciting moments. It didn't quite beat The Dark Knight for me but it can consider itself easily the second best Batman movie of all time.

After I watched The Devil Inside I was certain that there was no horror film out there that I'd really like. How wrong I was. The Cabin in the Woods takes everything you know about the stereotypical slasher flick and turns it on its head. Its clever, funny, and a must-see whether you like horror or not. This may be helped by the likeable and talented young cast - which includes Chris Hemsworth AKA Thor!

I'll be honest, before this year I had never seen a James Bond film. Despite their popularity I had managed to avoid the series completely in my time on this Earth. That all changed this year though, and I'm glad it did because Skyfall was amazing! It brought together a very talented cast of actors that included Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, and Ralph Fiennes and crafted a story that was exciting, packed with heart-stopping moments but at the same time welcoming to newcomers such as myself. If you're like me and you are yet to experience a Bond film then Skyfall is the perfect jumping-on point. A brilliant film that came close to taking the top spot on this list...

Skyfall admittedly had a deeper story, as did a few films on this list, but when it comes to pure cinema fun nothing can beat The Avengers. The culmination of 5 years of universe building and a complete success in every sense of the word (getting good reviews as well as making $1.5 billion). The Avengers brought incredible visual effects, great fight scenes, well-timed comedy and more when it was released this Summer making it the super-hero film for all the family to enjoy. Plus, seeing all these heroes interact after having their own separate films is a fairly new concept and was undeniably awesome to see. The Avengers has done a great job as the first crossover movie of its kind, as well as making everyone excited for Marvel's future plans. It's for all this and more that The Avengers is TEN's Movie of the Year 2012!

Well that's our Top 5, be sure to let us know what you thought and tell us your favourite movies of the year in the comments below!