Saturday, 28 January 2012

In Time Review

With the exception of The Social Network, Justin Timberlake hasn't really been known for his incredible films. But In Time could be a new exception to this rule. It isn't perfect, but it's a fast-paced action film that's definitely worth a look.

In Time is set in the not too distant future, where time is now a currency. Everyone now has a luminous green timer on their wrist - although the movie cops out, and doesn't really explain how these got there. The timer is on your wrist from birth, but only starts ticking when you reach 25 - thus, everyone in In Time's world is (supposed to be) 25 - but I think they might have sneaked in a few actors/actresses slightly older.
At work, instead of earning money, you earn time. People can loan time, give other people time by holding wrists etc. The film does a good job of immersing you into a world where paying with time is normal - 99 second stores instead of 99p/99 cent stores, for example are seen in some scenes.

Justin Timberlake plays Will Salas. A guy living with his mum in a rough "time zone", earning just enough time to make it from day to day. Without spoiling anything, he gets his hands on a large amount of time and with it he plans to move to New Grenwich - the richest of the zones.
One tragedy later, and Will wants not just to move there, but to tear it down.

Timberlake does a good job playing Will, but he still has room to improve. He is joined by Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls, Mamma Mia!), about 1/3 of the way through and the two play off of each other very well. Seyfried does a good job playing Sylvia - the "rich" daughter of time-loaning businessman Philippe Weis (Vincent Kartheiser).

Something that ruined the film a bit, was the script which at times was okay, but sometimes seemed a little difficult to take seriously with certain lines that felt out of place - lines that progressed the story as heavy-handedly as possible.

Despite this the story survives intact for the most part, and remains enjoyable and exciting. Watching Will and Sylvia as they are tracked down by not one, but two people was thrilling - even though one of them was Alex Pettyfer, who here shows us that he has the acting skills of a brick.
Timberlake and Seyfried
One thing I didn't like about this movie was the ending, which firstly, seemed a little anti-climatic and secondly, wasn't really what I would call an ending - it was leaving the door open for a sequel, I expect.
Some people like endings like this, so if your one of them you won't have a problem. I, on the other hand, prefer to have as many questions answered and doors closed as possible.

In the end though, In Time is a good film - albeit one that's handicapped by a dodgy script, and an ending that leaves questions unanswered. Fortunately, (with the exception of Pettyfer who disappoints), the acting is great all-round, and the story is exciting enough for these not to be major problems. In Time is definitely a film worth seeing.


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