Saturday, 28 January 2012

What has Happened to this Website??

Things are looking a little different around here as of late - you may be wondering why. Well here it is:

To celebrate our first birthday we decided to take the leap from blog to website. Our domain name will stay the same, to avoid creating dead links all over our facebook and twitter page - but there will be some changes.

While we decided to keep our name as "The Entertainment Network," technically - we are no longer a network. We're still going to report on Movies, Games, TV, Comics, Books and Music - but it will all be in the same place, rather than on different sites.

As a result of this we had to import our posts from around the network, to this site - so that's why there's a lot of random, old posts everywhere.

Normality will return soon enough - meanwhile comment below or head to our forums to voice your opinions on the changes.


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