Saturday, 28 January 2012

Life's Too Short: Episode 2 Review

Johnny Depp's in, Liam Neeson's out - but has episode 2 improved upon the disappointing pilot?

No. Definitely not.

I wasn't overly impressed with episode 1 of Life's Too Short, but with Liam Neeson's hilarious cameo and the fact that it was only the first episode, I still had hopes for the series.
I don't anymore.

In this episode Warwick goes to a sci-fi convention, a Star Wars themed wedding, and ends up meeting with Gervais and Merchant again. But why? Episode 2 is just so plotless. Instead of telling an actual story, Gervais and Merchant have just made a series of events that take place one after another - that's it. Sure, maybe this will turn into a story later on, but there's no guarantee of that!

Not only does LTS have a bare-bones story, but it's also missing another one of the things that made Gervais and Merchant's previous series' a success - and that is a good selection of supporting character's. E.G, In Extras - You had Andy Millman as a main character, but then there was Maggie, and Darren, and Barry, and Greg, and the BBC Execs -- I could go on!
LTS on the other hand has Warwick in the lead, with Cheryl being the only supporting character. Gervais and Merchant are in it every week, but only as themselves and they don't provide any laughs.

Thankfully, the aforementioned Cheryl does remain quite a good character and the only one with any funny lines. But she's not good enough to be the only alternative to Warwick - who remains an annoying and completely unlikeable character.

As I mentioned before, last week's show was saved by Liam Neeson's great cameo at the end. Unfortunately, Johnny Depp isn't at all as good. This may not be his fault, and may be the cause of some bad writing, but he just isn't very funny in this show. He has some lines that may turn your expressionless face into a smirk, but apart from that - nothing.
Also, Gervais seems to think that everyone saw the Golden Globes and knows exactly what went on between him and Depp - well that's not true. I just have to assume Gervais pissed him off somehow. I could be wrong, but they don't show the Globes on any of the main channels in the UK meaning they are easily missable.

The awkward moments from older series' that Gervais and co. try to replicate in LTS fail again this episode, and continue to be boring moments that just remind you what a twat Warwick's character is. There is not one relatable or redeemable feature about him at all.

I really am disappointed with this second episode. The first wasn't a masterpiece, but it had some funny moments. This episode is just a plotless mess. It has very few funny moments, a poor appearance from Johnny Depp, and another pointless one from Gervais and Merchant themselves. With only one likeable character in the whole show, it just becomes annoying and boring to watch!
I'm beginning to think the comedy duo did this series just to make some more money, and work with more famous people - whatever reason they did it for, it wasn't to make people laugh.


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