Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Flash #3 Review

The Flash is one "New 52" series which is going from strength to strength, and #3 is no exception.

It picks up directly where #2 left off with the city out of power, causing a plane to fall from the sky and land on a collison course with a busy road - The Flash has a lot to do. 
But that's not the only thing going on. The plot of Manuel and his hundreds of clones also thickens, and two of The Flash's friends face possibly grave danger - it's all going wrong!

Luckily, it makes #3 very entertaining to read. The story, which I had doubts about before, seems to have gotten a lot stronger now that more has been revealed. And this month's ending is one of the best cliffhanger's I've read in a while, leaving me dying to know what happened and eagerly anticipating #4.

The writing also remains strong, with a good script moving things along nicely. There are also some funny comments from Manuel that actually made me laugh. The narrative from Flash himself is also good and remains interesting, not annoying (see Batgirl).
The art also continues to be great. Its got a great style that really suits The Flash's character and really suits this story.

There's not much I can complain about with The Flash #3. It's got a clearer story, art that continues to look awesome, and a great narrative - all of which makes it a joy to read. Unmissable.


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