Saturday, 28 January 2012

Magneto: Not A Hero #2 Review

#1 of this limited series was one of those books that was good, but wasn't that great. Unfortunately, #2 has the same problem and so as we cut back on costs we might not be able to continue with it...

The plot revealed last month continues, with Magneto's clone/rival, Joseph being resurrected by obsessed follower, Astra. The main problem is not much really happens here, and I still struggle to understand what the outcome of this will be. It still hasn't been made clear what exactly Joseph aims to accomplish - and he doesn't really even do anything this issue.

But the slightly odd story is saved by some fantastic art, which I really like. If nothing else, this series is a nice one to look at. The writing is also strong, it's just a shame there's not enough substance to the story.

Magneto: Not A Hero is OK. It's not amazing, but it's not bad either - it hovers in that in-between place. It's nice art, and expert writing means it has a lot of potential, but the story itself just lacks enough substance. We're halfway through the series and I still don't see any real plan! What is Joseph aiming for here?

The bottom line is, if you liked #1 of this series, you'll probably like #2 - however if you haven't read this series yet, I'd keep reading the reviews and then if you like the sound of it go for the Trade Paperback (which comes out in late May). It's good, but missable.


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