Saturday, 28 January 2012

Magneto: Not A Hero #1 Review

Magneto. Once the X-Men's greatest villain - now one of their newest allies. This series follows the story's about...well - that's one of #1's biggest problems.

The main story I get from #1 is that Magneto has been framed. We see someone who looks, and sounds like the master of magnetism brutally murder a group of anti-mutant protesters at the beginning of the issue. Only to be told that this couldn't have been Magneto.

That's basically it. The story isn't this issues strong point - and the sad thing is, I couldn't even appreciate what I assume was quite a twist at the end. You see, I don't usually read X-Men comics. I bought this one due to my interest in the recent Schism event/the current Regenisis event. Because of this I had no idea about who the revealed antagonist was.

This made me feel a bit in the dark, and made me wonder what reason I had to continue with the series of 4. I went on to do some googling and Wikipedia filled me in.
The problem may be solved now, but I still think writer, Skottie Young, could have found a way to prevent new-comers like me from feeling lost.
If your a long-term X-Men reader than you won't have this problem, but even if you've been reading X-Men for a little while, then you might find yourself in my position.

On the plus side, the art here is great. It's detailed, colourful stuff and is accompanied by a great script - it's just a shame the story itself doesn't seem to be going anywhere right now.

In the end, Magneto: Not A Hero is a bit disappointing. Even though I understand the story now, it's still not something I can get too excited for. The art and writing redeems this issue slightly, but not enough for this to be an essential read.


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