Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Ray #1 Review

The Ray is one of DC's first limited series' taking place in the New 52 - It was a bit of a wildcard for me this month, and while it was OK, I could have done without it.

The Ray #1 does a fairly good origin story that maybe takes a little too long. It introduces us to Lucien who gets hit by a "Sun Gun" and in doing so becomes The Ray. Although, it seems a bit weird how it spends so much time introducing us to The Ray himself, along with his family and friends and how he mastered his powers etc, yet it doesn't bother introducing the Villain of the series until practicaly the last page.

This was a little disappointing, but what made it more annoying was that the villain didn't even grasp my attention. He seemed like a new concept, but still lacked character.

On the other hand, the art in this book is quite good. It's bright and colourful with a nice style, and the script is also good featuring some lines that actually made me laugh. But in the end it can't change the fact that right now the story seems pretty weak.

The Ray #1 is a good book, but it spends a little too much time focusing on the main character, leaving a lot to be desired on the villain side of things. Thankfully, the art and script make it worth a shot, but still not an essential read.


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