Saturday, 28 January 2012

Justice League #3 Review

After loving both #1 and 2 of Justice League I'm a little disappointed with this instalment. 

The entrance of Wonder Woman is something I've actually been looking forward to, but now it's actually happening I'm a little underwhelmed. Why? #3 contains not much actual plot. Looking back, I suppose the first two didn't either - but I excused this as I believed this was because the Justice League hadn't fully formed yet.
This could easily still be the case - but that doesn't stop it from making #3 a bit of a chore.


It's obvious that what's going on in this story has something to do with Darkseid - but we still don't know what. That's the reason why watching the JL fight these monsters is starting to get dull - because it seems to be happening for no reason at all.

The art here remains fantastic, but I can't help but not care about it when faced with such a boring story. This also means that the writing - which is quite good - also fails to grab my attention. No matter how good your writing is, it's never going to be entertaining if the story's crap.

Now, I'm sure this story will end up being fine in the end - I just hope it starts speeding up a bit because 3 issues in, and we know little more than we did in #1. Except that Wonder Woman likes ice-cream that is.

All of this makes Justice League #3 a huge disappointment. It may look pretty, but that doesn't stop it from being plotless and boring. We've had 3 months (ish) of random fight scenes - now it's time for a story!


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