Saturday, 28 January 2012

Batwoman #3 Review

Last issue of Batwoman was a huge improvement over the first, and turned me into a fan single-handedly. Has issue 3 kept my interest? Yes it has!

This issue sees Batwoman's first proper encounter against the Weeping Woman, as well as seeing her first scrap with Cameron Chase from the sinister D.E.O - leaving her in a difficult situation.

The Weeping Woman story is one that keeps going from strength to strength - its disappointing debut has been forgotten and in its place is an exhilarating, sophisticated story of Kate Kane's relationships with her sidekick and cousin, Bette, and her subtle relationship with G.C.P.D cop, Maggie Sawyer.

The writing remains incredibly strong - with not one line feeling out of place, or being too heavy-handed with the story. And the art - which I have had doubts about before - is absolutely flawless this issue.

One complaint I do have with the issue was that it ended too quickly - I know that sounds stupid. But it seemed to end just as things were starting to kick off, which was disappointing - but at the same time it just makes me more excited for next issue!

Batwoman #3 is the most dramatic and action-packed issue yet. A story that's getting more and more intriguing with every issue, some incredible writing, and flawless art - that really is some of the best in the business right now - make issue 3 unmissable.


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