Saturday, 28 January 2012

Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Captain America: The First Avenger is a fun super-hero movie, but it's not without its flaws.

The movie takes place during World War II, during which the US government are looking into making the world's first Super Soldier - with the help of Howard Stark (Iron Man's dad). This was a nice touch, and reminds you of the neat continuity Marvel has built up with their recent films.
Of course not everything goes smoothly mainly due to Nazi super-villain, The Red Skull (played brilliantly by Hugo Weaving). Another thing to note about The Red Skull in this movie is how well they pulled off his look - almost exactly how he's seen in the comics.

And Weaving isn't the only good actor in the movie - the entire cast is very strong. Chris Evans manages to leave his past as The Human Torch behind, and delivers a much stronger performance here. Tommy Lee Jones delivers some genuinely funny lines as Colonel Chester Phillips, and Hayley Atwell is great as Cap's love interest Peggy Carter.

But as strong as the cast is, I still felt some-what disappointed with the story. The Red Skull's plan seems slightly nonsensical, and for the most part I was left wondering why he was even bothering! What is he actually going to gain from this plan? This was made clearer near the end, but it still ended up making The Red Skull look less awesome.

There was also a hell of a lot of back story in Captain America and while they cover a lot of ground quite quickly, it doesn't feel as well done as Iron Man was back in 2008. This just means that there's a lot of stuff you have to get through before you get to the action.

In the end though, Captain America has paved the way to The Avengers, much like Thor and Iron Man did before it. It's a fun film, with a great cast and some genuinely funny one-liners, but the long back story and slightly silly story keeps it from being the best super-hero film of 2011.


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