Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Visit Comic Reviews Round-Up! TEN's New Branch!

You may or may not have noticed that we haven't been reviewing many comics recently. Well, we no longer have to. Comic Reviews Round-Up is a great new site from The Entertainment Network that goes one step further.

Comic Reviews Round-Up takes comic reviews from around the Internet, then makes one review score based on those reviews. This way you're getting a more universal view on things, instead of just one person's opinion. This way you know what your getting, and you never have to buy a bad comic again!
We're still in very early days right now so we're focusing on Marvel and DC releases only, but if you're looking for the best New 52 series, or deciding whether to jump into Avengers vs. X-Men, Comic Reviews Round-Up is the place to go.

Plus, we've got some great Features planned as well, that's going to put comic series' and comic writer's head-to-head and see who comes out on top and who needs to improve.

We're really excited about this, so please click the link below and have a look around!


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