Saturday, 28 January 2012

Batgirl #3 Review

I've really enjoyed the previous issues of this Batgirl series. But, this issue was nowhere near as good as those - in fact it was incredibly disappointing.

The issue opens with Batgirl rushing to get to a train on which Mirror has hidden a bomb. The issue also sees an appearance from Nightwing - but plot-wise, not much happens.
It's almost like writer, Gail Simone, got bored of the Mirror storyline and took a month off to talk about some non-existent romance between Batgirl and Nightwing.
Don't get me wrong, this issue does serve a purpose - but it's just an underwhelming one.

More underwhelming is how last month's cliffhanger is dealt with. It ends up as an event that seems to have little impact on the overall story. This was a shame as last month I was excited to see how it would all turn out - by the end of this issue though, I couldn't help but be disappointed. It was a "Is that it?" moment.

Thankfully, the art remains impressive and detailed - and fits the book well. Unfortunately, the writing can be a little clumsy at some points - and tries to get way too romantic around the mid-point.
Also, Batgirl/Barbara Gordon's narrative is starting to wear thin, and now its just a bit annoying. Know when to shut up, Simone.

Fortunately, next month looks to be an improvement - seeing Batgirl facing Mirror on her own in what is being described as a "Final Showdown." Personally, I hope they mean it - because this storyline is starting to get old.

In the end, Batgirl #3 is a disappointing entry in an otherwise excellent series. The art remains great, but the writing has become a little dodgy and heavy-handed. It's a series worth sticking with as next month I can see it improving - but that doesn't stop this issue from being a big drop in quality.


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