Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Finest Hours: A $75 Million Flop For Disney

In a month where Gods of Egypt has hogged all headlines relating to box office flops, Disney CEO Bob Iger announces the studio is to lose $75 million on The Finest Hours, the ocean-rescue film starring Chris Pine which was released in the last week of January 2016. The film's budget has not been officially released, but is expected to be at around the $80 million mark not including advertising costs; at the worldwide box office the film was able to bring in only $44 million.
While by no means reviled the film certainly wasn't a hit with many film critics and this combined with the lack of interest in the true story The Finest Hours was retelling, likely contributed to the film's failure to find an audience. However, much of the blame will undoubtedly be placed at the feet of star Chris Pine who time and time again has proven himself to be box office poison.
The film joins Horrible Bosses 2Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, and People Like Us on the list of box office disappointments Pine has starred in, while even the actor's safety net Star Trek franchise has fallen on hard times with 2013's sequel Into Darkness predicted to have made a measly profit of just $29 million once all the film's expenses were accounted for.
Coming up in 2016 Pine has the third instalment in the Star Trek franchise hitting theatres in July, and a heist crime film by the name of Comancheria based on a script from Hollywood's 2012 Black List with no release date at the time of writing. Additionally, the actor was recently added to the cast of 2017's Wonder Woman solo movie in the role of Steve Trevor.


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