Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sandman Loses Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gains Eric Heisserer

It's been a rollercoaster week for Warner Brother's film adaptation of the cult classic Neil Gaiman comic-book, Sandman. On Friday 4th March, it was announced that screenwriter Eric Heisserer (best known for his work on the remakes of Nightmare on Elm Street and The Thing) had come on board with the project, and was rewriting a script originally penned by Jack Thorne.
Whether or not this is good news for the project is tough to say, although it is hard to ignore that neither of the remakes Heisserer is associated with were critical success stories. What came next however, was definitely a blow for Sandman as just twenty-four hours later Joseph Gordon-Levitt abandoned the production that he'd been attached to for many years.

Gordon-Levitt was initially expected to both direct and star in the film, but in a post on his Facebook page the actor explained that since the project had been passed down to WB subsidiary New Line, he no longer felt comfortable fulfilling those duties.
...a few months ago, I came to realise that the folks at New Line and I just don't see eye to eye on what makes Sandman special, and what a film adaptation could/should be. So unfortunately, I decided to remove myself from the project. I wish nothing but the best for the team moving forward.
Gordon-Levitt, who made his directorial debut with 2013's Don Jon, went on to thank the people he worked with on Sandman including David S. Goyer, Niija Kuykendall, Greg Silverman and the aforementioned Jack Thorne.
The adaptation is still moving forward, however the loss of perhaps its strongest advocate is undoubtedly going to be a set-back for this already long in-development production.


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