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US Box Office Top 10: 4th August 2013

This week, the action comedy 2 Guns, starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg was released to the masses and managed to take the top spot in the process pulling in over $27 million. This means that the adamatium-clad X-Man, Wolverine is knocked down a spot to No. 2 only managing to make $21 million. Not a bad haul, but not particularly good either. Luckily, The Wolverine is doing much better overseas, reassuring Fox that the X-Men franchise is one that can be relied upon.

The other big release of this week is The Smurfs 2, which makes a rather lacklustre debut at No. 3 making little over $18 million - less than the $35 million that the first movie made. However, The Smurfs are also performing better overseas with a worldwide total of $80 million already, coming close to that $105 million budget.
It also seems that all Sony needs to make up is the advertising costs for The Smurfs 2 as The Onion's A.V. Club have recently revealed the film made up its production costs on product placement alone. Does that seem really cheap and nasty to anyone else? Or is it just me?

Near the bottom end of the top 10, lies many films that are still struggling. First, we have Turbo which falls three places this week from No. 4 to No. 7. The film is currently up to a total of $69.5 million in the USA and $111 million worldwide meaning it is yet to breakeven on that $135 million budget - and that's not including advertising. Dreamworks and Fox had high hopes for the movie, having even planned a Netflix TV Series based on the success they assumed the film would get. However, at this rate I wouldn't be surprised if they hit the brakes on their Turbo plans.

Turbo gives an angry glance to the queue of kids waiting to see Despicable Me 2...
Meanwhile, Red 2 is also struggling. It is yet to open in some territories, but that doesn't stop its domestic gross from being anything other than a disappointment. The film has been in theatres for three weeks now, currently ranking No. 8 with $45.2 million made in the US since release. Compare this to the original Red which on its third week had pulled in a US total of $58.8, and was still ranking high at No. 3 and little resemblance can be seen. Releasing a movie in Summer instead of Autumn (or Fall for US readers), has proven to be an awful move for this movie - with the original Red seeing release in October, as opposed to Red 2's July release date.

Finally, Pacific Rim falls to No. 10 this week after four weeks of release. The film has still made less than $100 million in the US, and while it has been doing remarkably well in China, it may not see any of that money unless the Chinese film council decide to pay up. The film is yet to open in three territories, so there is still hope, but the dying light that is Pacific Rim 2 gets dimmer every week.

Here's the Top 10 in full:

1. (-) 2 Guns - $27.4 million
2. (1) The Wolverine - $21.7 million
3. (-) The Smurfs 2 - $18.2 million
4. (2) The Conjuring - $13.7 million
5. (3) Despicable Me 2 - $10.4 million
6. (5) Grown Ups 2 - $8.1 million
7. (4) Turbo - $6.4 million
8. (6) Red 2 - $5.65 million
9. (8) The Heat - $4.72 million
10. (7) Pacific Rim - $4.57 million

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