Thursday, 12 April 2012

Skyrim is Coming to Kinect - Video Inside

Kinect: KILL!
This isn't a joke.

Today Bethesda announced that they will be adding Kinect support to Skyrim in the form of "more than 200 voice commands...including the game's dragon shouts."

Here's the full press release:

"In addition to Dragon Shouts, the Kinect for Xbox 360 integration offers voice commands throughout the game including Hotkey Equipping, Follower Commands, and all Menus (Items, Magic, Map, Barter, Container, Favorites, and Skills). With Voice Commands, quickly create and load saves during gameplay and access menus and inventories. Skyrim's Kinect for Xbox 360 Support also adds new functionality including special map functions, additional hotkey options, and the ability to sort inventory items by name, weight, and value."

That's right - you can shout Fus Ro Dah at your TV and your character will blow that giant frostbite spider away. The stuff dreams are made of. The Kinect support is intended to be a free update for release sometime this month.

While Kinect has had little to get excited about in its short life, this actually looks kinda cool. If it works as well as it does in the video below, I can imagine myself having a lot of fun with this.

Check out Skyrim Kinect in action:


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