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Welcome to The Entertainment Network! This is a blog I created back in 2011, a few weeks before my fourteenth birthday and five years later I'm still adding to it as often as I can. TEN started out as a site which covered all forms of entertainment, but in recent years has become particularly focused on films and comic-books with time made for other mediums whenever possible.
While TEN sadly hasn't become the news juggernaut that a na├»ve thirteen year-old was hoping for when he created this site, it remains something I care deeply about and am always looking to improve. Thanks for visiting, I hope you like the site and by all means get in touch if you have any suggestions or queries!

P.S. Due to how young I was when I created this site, some of the older articles are borderline unreadable so apologies in advance if you happen to stumble upon one of them.

David Craig

A History of The Entertainment Network
It's questionable whether anyone would be interested in a history of TEN feature, but one day when I had nothing to do I put one together regardless.

January 25th 2011 - DVGN (Facebook Page) Created

This is how it all started. The idea was to create a Facebook page that would hand out bullets of video-game news everyday. Unfortunately, I had no money for funding advertisements, so I ended up getting only 5 likes! This was a bit soul-crushing so I threw in the towel 2 months later in March 2011.

Our First Post:

Not exactly master journalism....

June 2011: Blog Created

Months later in June I decided to give it a second try, but DVGN was no more. In its place was a blog called: Media Reviews, Features and More! If you look at our HTML address, this site is still called mediareviewsfeaturesandmore.blogspot.com -- I didn't bother changing address just because it would create a bunch of dead links on Facebook and Twitter.

September 2011: Re-Branded!

While things started off positively, views and morale dropped soon after. In the entire month of August, I only got 13 views. That was bad. Something had to be done. So I re-designed the blog and changed name to Entertainment News, Reviews, Features and More. Not only that but I made myself known on Facebook and Twitter. Things started looking up.

November 2011: The Network is Created.

I was already covering Movies, Games, Music, Books and Comics on my blog. So I came up with the idea to give each topic a blog of their own. The Entertainment Network was born, with this blog acting as a central site with which everything came together.

February 2012: Network is reverted to single website, as TEN gets a huge overhaul!

In February 2012 TEN got a huge and awesome new redesign and as a result the "network" was taken down, and I reverted back to one simple site for all your entertainment news. I kept the name, but enhanced my features with YouTube shows aiming to keep you in the know.

May 2012: Comic Reviews Round-Up Launched

In May this year, TEN launched Comic Reviews Round-Up! Comic Reviews Round-Up is a site that takes comic reviews from around the internet and mixes them together to make one ultimate score for that comic. It's a way of making sure comic fans never buy a bad comic again! You can visit the site here!


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