Monday, 13 July 2015

Watch: Batman v Superman - San Diego Comic-Con Trailer

It's quite likely that you've already seen this trailer multiple times, but I wanted to post it here on The Entertainment Network anyway as I find myself genuinely impressed by it. When it comes to the Marvel vs DC debate I tend not to pick a side, preferring to enjoy the fruits of both publisher. That being said, I have to say I have enjoyed the Marvel movies of the past few years much more so than I have any of DC's offerings. Judging from this trailer though, that could very well change.

While I though Man of Steel was a solid if unremarkable movie, my faith in Zack Snyder is somewhat minimal due to his past disappointments (most notable among them for me being Watchmen). This trailer doesn't necessarily change that. After all, the reason Man of Steel became so divisive is because hype levels became unreasonably high after seeing the trailers. But, this trailer does make me optimistic that this could well be Snyder's best film to date.

Featuring our first glimpse of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, as well as looks at the new Batmobile and Jesse Eisenberg in action as Lex Luthor, this trailer has satisfied comic-book fans the world over - something reflected in the way it's passed 20 million YouTube hits in just two days. My only concern is that we may well have seen everything from the movie by the time it's actually released. Keep in mind, Batman v Superman is still over eight months away and yet already we've seen two trailers from the upcoming flick. By March, I worry we'll have seen perhaps too many trailers (although I'm sure some would argue there is no such thing).

Be sure to check out the trailer that everyone is talking about (embedded below for your viewing pleasure), and let us know your thoughts on the upcoming movie in the comments section below:


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