Friday, 31 January 2014

Geek Girl #0 Review

Geek Girl #0 is one of creator Sam Johnson's latest offerings in the indie comic world. With this new book he brings us a whole new character in the form of Ruby Kaye and her adventures as the titular Geek Girl. This issue covers a lot of ground laying some solid foundations for the character, telling us her origin, and leaving us with a teaser of bigger things to come.

I've reviewed a fair amount of indie comics both here and on other sites, and Geek Girl is one of the most impressive for sure. What sets Geek Girl apart from its competitors is the nice visual style created by artist Sally S-Thompson, and the lettering team of Jaymes Reed and Kris Johnson. The art has a charming style to it, and the lettering looks professional giving the whole comic a quality feel.

However, a comic is nothing but a feast for the eyes if the story is no good. Thankfully, Sam Johnson has crafted a fun origin story for this new hero, even if it isn't quite perfect. This jumping-on issue sees not only the gift of these powers being given to Ruby, but also the immediate fall out involving her disloyal friends - creating some great commentary on the somewhat self-obsessed generation we have created. There are some genuinely fun one-liners in Johnson's script which made me chuckle more than once, and by the end you start to feel a definite connection to the character he has created here.

But, as I said above, this story isn't perfect. While the script had some great moments, I felt strange about the general lack of surprise coming from the central characters about Ruby's incredible new powers. If it were me who had just gained powers, or even one of my close friends, I would be freaking out! Here though, most of the characters seemed highly unimpressed with the whole situation, and those who were excited were more excited about the costume than the powers themselves. This didn't ruin the comic by any stretch of the imagination, but did seem a little bizarre.


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