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US Box Office Top 10: 22nd July 2013

It was a busy week at the box office, with four big films coming out in just one week, and with numbers like that, you know there's going to be a flop. And there was. But first, let's focus on the positives! James Wan's new horror movie, The Conjuring did very well over the weekend. It took the top spot making $41.9 million - more than making up its $20 million budget in its first week! Nice!

It knocks Despicable Me 2 down just one place to No. 2, meaning the film is still doing very well after its 2-week stay at the top spot. The film made another $25 million this week, bringing to a total of $276 million in the USA alone! Now that's impressive.

Now though, we start to move in to not so cheery territory. First, Turbo - one of two Ryan Reynolds' films to be released this week - has made a somewhat disappointing debut at No. 3, with just over $21 million made. Not amazing for a film with a budget of $135 million. However, 20th Century Fox has made a statement saying they have faith the film will perform, due to its release in the children's Summer Holidays. Only time will tell, but Dreamworks have recently adjusted their predictions of the movie - lowering them by as much as $50 million - which isn't a great sign.

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The next new entry was Red 2, which makes a debut at No. 5 pulling in around $18 million. This is $2 million less than the first Red film managed in its opening weekend, most likely due to the fact that the first movie was released in the slightly less busy October - as opposed to one of the most crowded Summer's we've seen in some time.

The final new entry, and by far the biggest flop of the week, is Ryan Reynolds' other new release, R.I.P.D. The film has received some very negative reviews, and was generating such bad buzz that Universal even stopped promoting the movie to save cash when it inevitably flopped. The movie made just $12.7 million, meaning it has a long way to go to earning back that $130 million budget.

Here's the Top 10 in full:

1. (-) The Conjuring - $41.9 million
2. (1) Despicable Me 2 - $24.9 million
3. (-) Turbo - $21.3 million
4. (2) Grown Ups 2 - $19.9 million
5. (-) Red 2 - $18 million
6. (3) Pacific Rim - $16 million
7. (-) R.I.P.D - $12.7 million
8. (4) The Heat - $9.3 million
9. (7) World War Z - $5.19 million
10. (6) Monsters University - $5.12 million



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