Friday, 5 April 2013

Indie Comic Spotlight: Velica

In this new feature, we're going to be picking out some of the best new indie comics coming our way soon and today, we're going to be looking at Velica: The next powerful woman in comics? Quite possibly! With some nice art and an interesting story, Velica is shaping up to make some waves in the indie comic circuit.

Originally released in 2008, this is a comic whose readership has done nothing but grow and become more enthusiastic in the last five years. This year, Velica is coming back in a big way relaunching with a new print and distribution deal with Toledo Publishing and making itself known to as many comic fans as it can.

Here's a brief synopsis of the series from the folks at Velica Comics:

"Velica started life as Shauna Saunders, daughter to a brilliant Bio-Technologist named Alexander Saunders. Her mother, Anna Saunders, reluctantly supported her husband’s work, but wanted him to get a job with which he could support the family. She would find solace in Dominic Perrin, Shauna’s “adoptive” uncle. Dominic was the majority shareholder for Alexander’s company. Soon, the relationship between Alexander and Dominic became increasingly strained and ultimately, Alexander paid for his passion with his life. He entrusted his daughter Shauna with continuing his legacy. Now, Shauna fights her dad’s battles in her quest for justice."

Having had a look at some of the beautiful preview pages of the first issues we can tell you Velica's quest takes her to some nasty places, and pits her against some dangerous foes.

This isn't a kids story, let's put it that way.

One of the most interesting things about Velica is how passionate the people producing it are. Ken Johnson created Velica and has since been working hard writing and illustrating it with help from colourist Kirsty Swan. In the past few years despite the challenges that the comic world continues to face, Velica hasn't given up but instead grown stronger. The series is even now aiming to be adapted into a short film. For more on that, click here to go to their IndieGoGo page and get involved!

Velica is currently in the process of reprinting all of its original issues, and preparing a new US series launch for the Spring of 2013. The Velica team will also be appearing at this year's Chicago Comic-Con, so expect some more news around that time. Meanwhile, to keep updated on this exciting new project, you can go to Velica Comic's Facebook page by clicking here or go to their website by clicking here!


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