Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Devil Inside Review

Oh dear. That's 88 minutes of my life I'm never going to see again. The Devil Inside is by far one of the worst horror films ever, and one of the worst films I've ever seen.

So first of all - the plot. It's boring, unrealistic and at some points just plain nonsensical. It focuses around Isabella Rossi - daughter of Maria Rossi - a woman who killed 3 people during an excorcism in the late 80s.

For some reason - after 15 years of living without a mother - she decides she wants to help out her mum, who's in a mental instituition in Rome. She goes there, enlists the help of 2 priests to help get her mum excorcised....again. The plot isn't original, and because of it is very predictable. By around half way through it was easy to guess what was going to happen, and that just takes the fun out of telling a story.
And just as the plot does start to gain some momentum it ends. And oh is it a stinker of an ending. It just feels like after 88 minutes of being bored, the writers give you a massive slap in the face.

Plus the character's are ridiculous. Isabella seems to have only 1 working brain cell in her skull as she doesn't seem to get the picture that her mum is a murderous psycho bitch. And, the 2 priests that help Isabella out have a very "devil may care" attitude (no pun intended) to not just the Vatican and its rules but also Christianity in general - and that makes it hard to believe in these character's at all.

Another reason these character's are hard to believe in is because the actors portraying them aren't really given a chance to shine at all. I believe they do have potential, but they weren't given a chance to use it. The film's script has many poor moments, and the decision to make the film like a documentary really weakened it as a whole. Why? Because it doesn't bring anything to the movie. It's like the people behind this turd of a film were trying to make it more realistic, but it just doesn't work - everything about this from the opening writing that reads: "The Vatican didn't help make this film" reeks of bullshit.

Add in the fact that this film genuinely isn't scary at all and you've got one bad movie. There are bloody bits, and gross bits but none of it is scary. Watching a possessed woman hump the air whilst having a period (an ACTUAL SCENE in this movie) is disgusting, but it's not scary.

There's not really any redeeming feature I can think of about this movie. It isn't scary, the plot is dull, the ending is lazy, the acting and script are very weak - and the whole thing reeks of bullshit. Spend your money somewhere else. Please.

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