Sunday, 4 September 2011

Alex Rider: Scorpia Rising Review

I'm a real Alex Rider fan - always have been. I've read all of the previous books (which I think is fairly important if your reading this one) and now here we are at the final mission. Was it a worthy end to the series? A resounding yes.

Anthony Horowitz continues his fantastic descriptive, yet action packed writing in Scorpia Rising. We open with Scorpia being hired by a rich old Greek man who wants the Elgin Marbles, (which have been homed at the British Museum for years), returned to Greece. And so Scorpia builds a genius plan circulating around Alex Rider and a twin of his who last made an appearance in Point Blanc (Book two of the Alex Rider series).

It's hard to say any more without spoiling things, but what I can say is that the writing is gripping - not once did I get bored of Horowitz' tremendous techniques! The book is also fast-paced which makes everything feel so relentless on the hero that it becomes hard to put down.

Everything about this last Alex Rider book is well done - the writing is great and so is the story. We see new sides to long-term characters like Jack Starbright, Smithers, Mrs. Jones and Alex himself! And the final few chapters are just as dramatic as you'd expect from one of Horowitz' books.

Scorpia Rising is definitely a fantastic end to a series that has always been entertaining, and one that I will miss. If you're really aching for some more Alex Rider after this, then I've heard that Horowitz is working on a new series based on the adventures of Yassen Gregorovich (Long-term readers will know who that is). If you've read the past Alex Rider books you have to get this one, if not then you should definitely read the previous one's first - but either way, make sure you don't miss this book.


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